EP 21 – A born-again Steeler fan meets his Christmas movie match (while Nick plays Madden)

Sean Barie and Nick Shook recap the week in the NFL, Sean explains how he’s back on board with Mike Tomlin and the Steelers and Nick reminds him of the coming Browns takeover in 2019 while also playing a game of Madden during the entire podcast. Sean’s dad makes his first appearance for a rousing game of “Is That Bowl Game Real?” and McDev returns with a fresh batch of deals. Story Time includes a unique use of a Subway sandwich, and Nick’s girlfriend Bridget makes her first appearance to bury America’s favorite holiday film, “A Christmas Story”. Rest in peace to the Barie family dog, Toby. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

EP 20 – Miami’s miracle, Steelers panic, some other sports and a lot of holiday talk

Sean Barie and Nick Shook recap the week in the NFL, Steely Phil returns to give his take on Mike Tomlin and the future of the Steelers and Sean rubs the Miami Miracle into his coworker’s face. Sean and Nick also cover whether the Bears are legit before pivoting to the college bowl slate (and their favorite obscure bowls). Story Time includes an unexpected and dramatic proposal, the two discuss their most hated and most loved holiday cookies (an assault on pizzelles is coming) and Sean repeatedly suggests his parents are old (Nick, who is writing this summary, says they most certainly are not). It’s a podcast fit for the season. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

Behind the O-Line: Texans’ line keys running game with zone scheme

By Nick Shook
Around The NFL writer
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The Houston Texans are one of the league’s hottest teams and are drawing deserved attention.

Houston hasn’t lost a game since September, winning in a variety of ways that were mostly by close margins. Then came Week 13 and its dominant win over the Cleveland Browns.

That victory opened the eyes of the league, as the Texans cut down a Browns team that was riding high after two straight victories. Three interceptions led the way for Houston, shutting down rookie Baker Mayfield in the first half and then managing to maintain the lead despite Mayfield throwing for 351 yards in the second half.

The defense played well again in Week 13, but what about the offense? The unit led by rookie Deshaun Watson has done its share to contribute to the winning streak, and deserve a closer look at how it’s doing so after recording victory No. 9.

Let’s go Behind the O-Line to figure out what is working for the AFC South leaders. Continue reading

EP 19 – Job losses galore, the CFP is set and Sean’s holiday spirit is under attack!

Sean Barie and Nick Shook break down three big stories in both college football and the NFL: Urban Meyer’s retirement, Mike McCarthy’s firing and Kareem Hunt’s release. Sean and Nick give their takes on the way the College Football Playoff shook out (pun unintended), they discuss whether some currently hot NFL teams are for real, and celebrate Seattle receiving NHL expansion team! Story Time includes an ill-advised tweet during college finals, and Sean has a deep-seated rant against the assault on his holiday spirit. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!