EP 7 – Fantasy football extravaganza (feat. Yahoo! Sports’ Matt Harmon) and RamenGate 2018

Sean Barie and Nick Shook discuss a theft of $98,000 worth of Ramen noodles — but was it really worth nearly $100,000? Yahoo! Sports’ Matt Harmon joins the duo to discuss the latest NFL headlines (including Odell Beckham Jr.’s payday) and go all in for the podcast’s first fantasy football extravaganza. The group also discusses the upcoming college football season and Sean regales us with a tale of how he learned pickleball.

EP 4 – The Red Sox are an inferno, Hall of Fame reax (featuring Brooke Cersosimo!), and controversies

Sean Barie and Nick Shook discuss the best moments of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and bring in a colleague of Nick’s (NFL Media’s Brooke Cersosimo) for an inside look at two of the most notable new enshrinees: Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. The duo also discusses the Urban Meyer situation at Ohio State and the president’s attack on LeBron James, and dives back into story time for a rare form of competition and a rant against Planet Fitness. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

EP 3 – Everyone hates their alarm clocks (and NFL training camp is here!)

Sean Barie and Nick Shook discuss NFL training camp news, the best and worst arrivals, Sam Darnold’s future in New York, uniform changes, Pittsburgh’s little-brother complex with Philadelphia, morning alarms and the most frequently banned wedding reception songs. Story of the Week continues with a man and his alligator friend, and a bonus tale of a scooter-mounted traveler riding by the glow of a special light. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

EP 2 – Todd Gurley, Le’Veon Bell, flag football and the saddest amusement park rides

Sean Barie and Nick Shook discuss Todd Gurley’s new contract with the Los Angeles Rams and how it affects Le’Veon Bell’s financial stalemate with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the stunning finish to the American Flag Football League million-dollar tournament (and their own flag football memories), Kennywood’s new Steelers-themed ride, and Tiger Woods’ exciting run to the final day of the British Open. Story of the Week continues with a man so bent on opposing Planet Fitness’ standard that he shed all of his clothing, and the cross-country duo decides which amusement park rides represent NFL teams.