EP 14 – The Steelers are OK now, we guess…? Plus: Kent-Akron week, Sean moved out and McDev’s McPush

Sean Barie and Nick Shook recap Week 6 of the NFL season, including the shootout in Massachusetts (no, it’s not 1776), the Steelers’ thrilling win over the Bengals and the Raiders’ meltdown (and how it’s unfair to the people of Oakland). The pair then shifts to talk (and rant) about the MLB playoffs, take a couple of trips down memory lane and then get to the important part: IT’S KENT STATE-AKRON WEEK. The two break down the history and the greatest mid-major rivalry in sports, and also welcome McDev back in after he got a good ol’ push out of his gambling weekend. Nick struggles to find something he loves, while Sean gets settled into his new apartment. There are more entertaining points of note, but it’s 12:23 a.m. PT and the writer of this (Nick) needs to go to bed. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

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