NFC playoff picture: Three teams from the South? ‘Hawks out?

By Nick Shook
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Ah, what a tale of two conferences we have.

First, there’s the NFC. Properly stratified by contender, pretender and future-seeker, this half of the National Football League allows us to have a decent idea of what’s going on. Everything is fairly tidy. Bandwagons are open for business (act fast — I hear Philadelphia’s is starting to fill up). Let us head into the winter!

Then, there’s the AFC. The conference is a morass of nonsense. I get irritated just looking at the standings. Optimists will vouch for how everyone still has a chance! But really, very few have a chance, because most are too busy tripping over themselves every other week. There’s bad, there’s good, and there’s .500 and close to it. That last group represents the majority over there.

Fortunately, for this exercise on this glorious Wednesday the 29th of November, 2017, we get to stay in the NFC. (Apologies to my colleague Edward Lewis, who’ll spend Thursday in the AFC bog. I know that my time with the problem child comes soon. Karma spares no one.)

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