EP 13 – The triple option is worse than postseason David Price

Sean Barie and Nick Shook recap Week 5 of the NFL season, including the Steelers’ thrashing of the Falcons, the Browns’ overtime win over the Ravens and Drew Brees taking hold of a new place atop the record books (and Nick’s disdain for the fake adoration of Brees’ accomplishments). The two also recap Jacksonville’s flop in Kansas City, recap the Division Series of the MLB playoffs, and Sean’s colleague McDev returns with McDev’s Deals, our weekly look at the best sports betting picks. Nick also rails against MLB’s use of a guitar in Cleveland’s 2019 All-Star Game logo (and they both propose better icons for the city), the two break down the drama coming out of the latest UFC main event, and Nick gives play-by-play of the aftermath of a multi-car fender bender that took place outside his apartment during the podcast taping. Sean hates the triple option, too. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

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