Brandon Marshall key to Bears’ comeback win

By Nick Shook |

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The arrival of Week 2 can have a comforting effect on many teams. Those who failed to get the job done in Week 1 have a chance to get back to .500, and many squads get the opportunity to greet their home fans for the first time. It’s very early in the season — the allure of opportunity still reigns supreme.

Road teams went 6-8 in Sunday’s 14 games. Here are the week’s road heroes.

Greatest on the road …

Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears

It’s tough not to give this honor to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, because, well, a ball must first be thrown in order to complete a touchdown pass. But Marshall’s impact on Chicago’s stunning comeback victory cannot be denied. At 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, Marshall is a big target. What makes Marshall such a huge threat for the Bears‘ passing attack is his incredible pair of hands.

Great hands make a catch like this, for example.

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