Nick Shook on fantasy football: Forget about Washington running game and look ahead to better days

By Nick Shook
Beacon Journal copy editor
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I loved the way the Washington Redskins were running the ball the first two weeks.

Then Thursday night happened.

The Redskins were an atrocity to professional football, epitomized by Matt Jones’ fumble as he soared toward the end zone, resulting in a touchback. It was depressing for someone who had bought a considerable amount of stock in the hype surrounding Jones.

And Alfred Morris scored one point for my team.

Let’s all take a moment to let our frustrations out before we look closer at our lineups before Sunday’s kickoff.

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Tom Brady on Ravens’ complaints: Study the rules

By Nick Shook |
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New England completed the greatest playoff comeback in franchise history on Saturday, so it comes as no surprise that there were more than a few smiling faces around Gillette Stadium.

But one figure might need some help turning his frown upside down.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was a bit peeved by the Patriots‘ unorthodox, if not questionable substitution tactics. Baltimore found success getting to New England quarterback Tom Brady, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick needed a stop-gap. Continue reading