Carson Palmer leads Cardinals to big win over Cowboys

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We’re beyond the point of intervention with road squads.

Look, it’s obviously difficult to get a win on the road in the NFL — the crowds are hostile, the sleeping conditions aren’t the comfortable, deluxe mattresses and Egyptian cotton sheets players have at home, and the locker rooms are never quite as spacious and cozy as those at home. But here in Week 9 it’s like a relationship on the rocks, and we’re going one of two ways: demand change, or learn to love them for who they are.

Well, they’re teams away from home, and they struggled again this week. Visiting squads won three of 11 games on Sunday, including a St. Louis Rams victory that was a few eyelashes and droplets of forearm sweat away from being a crushing loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

But we love them for who they are, because amid the despair of defeat, there exist silver linings and bright spots, both big and small. Now that I’ve captured your heartstrings, here are the best professional football players who suited up and played the game on a field that didn’t feature their team’s markings.

Greatest on the Road …

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals


In accordance with a theme that has prevailed throughout most of his career, Brandon Weeden struggled mightily on Sunday. Dallas was encouraged by Weeden’s acceptable outing in relief of Tony Romo last week, but Cowboys fans didn’t get a full four quarters of Weeden — which is bad Weeden.

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Arian Foster keeps rolling in Texans’ win over Titans

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Week 8 is the first in which we’ve come as close as possible to average combined performance for road teams. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible, either. Visiting squads won six of 13 games on Sunday, but even a few of those were ugly.

It took the Atlanta Falcons a major collapse and one final, crushing penalty to surrender a 21-point lead that at times seemed insurmountable for the Detroit Lions to notch Sunday’s first road win. Seattle needed a beautiful strike from Russell Wilson to Luke Willson to complete a 13-9 comeback win over thePanthers in Charlotte. It was a productive drive at just the right time, but that doesn’t erase the fact that Seattle had a horrid day offensively. I’m sorry, Wilson.

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