Nick Shook on fantasy football: Pass on Landry Jones but pluck Martavis Bryant out of the air if you can

By Nick Shook
Beacon Journal copy editor
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Mike Vick was a hero in the fourth quarter in San Diego in Week 5, but let’s be honest — he was handcuffing the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense.

As soon as the veteran went down with a concuss — I mean, dirt in his eye (and later a hamstring injury), Landry Jones again showed America what it looks like when a traditional quarterback with eyes downfield can do with the Steelers’ skilled guys. The results? 8-for-12, 168 yards, two touchdowns and a passer rating of 149.3. Steelers 25, Cardinals 13. Continue reading

Better version of Philip Rivers leads Chargers to road win

By Nick Shook |
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Do you feel bloated?

Are you confused because you stopped eating Thanksgiving leftovers two days ago, you’ve traversed nearly five miles worth of department store aisles, spinning around and stiff-arming fellow shoppers like Earl Campbell, and yet the feeling won’t pass?

Well don’t fret, because that isn’t excess calories testing the limits of your waistband — it’s the fulfilling slate of redemption games upon which we just feasted.

That’s right, this week is all about that R word. Mark Sanchez carried the ball on Thanksgiving without fumbling or running into the rear end of his teammate. In fact, he scored! Two years after the butt fumble, Sanchez reversed his fortunes. We did it, America.

Our winner and one of two considered each filled the profile of a player who at the very least got his own 30-second debate segment centered around “What’s wrong with Player/Team X this season?” Some of these segments became so frequent, players addressed them in press conferences multiple times. But they won’t have to hear about it this week!

Here are Week 13’s Greatest on the Road — to redemption.

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