Nick Shook on fantasy football: Pass on Landry Jones but pluck Martavis Bryant out of the air if you can

By Nick Shook
Beacon Journal copy editor
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Mike Vick was a hero in the fourth quarter in San Diego in Week 5, but let’s be honest — he was handcuffing the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense.

As soon as the veteran went down with a concuss — I mean, dirt in his eye (and later a hamstring injury), Landry Jones again showed America what it looks like when a traditional quarterback with eyes downfield can do with the Steelers’ skilled guys. The results? 8-for-12, 168 yards, two touchdowns and a passer rating of 149.3. Steelers 25, Cardinals 13. Continue reading

Cam Newton breaks slump, helps Panthers pound Saints

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The word of Week 14 is “mobility.”

Mobile quarterbacks put on impressive road performances, and a certain running back (whom we’ll mention later) used his mobility to become the first since Walter Payton to post 200-plus yards from scrimmage in three straight games.

Week 14 was also a great week for mobile teams — those playing away from home — which won 10 of 15 road games.

Mobile quarterback Teddy Bridgewater posted his fifth win as a starter, a total greater than the rest of the rookie quarterbacks combined this season.

Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck used his mobility to score a rushing touchdown in a hotly contested game that produced a road victory for the Colts. Speedy receiver T.Y. Hilton wasn’t too shabby, either, scoring the game-winning touchdown in the final minute and posting a final stat line of 10 catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns. That man canmove.

Here are this week’s most magnificent men of mobility. Continue reading

Carson Palmer leads Cardinals to big win over Cowboys

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We’re beyond the point of intervention with road squads.

Look, it’s obviously difficult to get a win on the road in the NFL — the crowds are hostile, the sleeping conditions aren’t the comfortable, deluxe mattresses and Egyptian cotton sheets players have at home, and the locker rooms are never quite as spacious and cozy as those at home. But here in Week 9 it’s like a relationship on the rocks, and we’re going one of two ways: demand change, or learn to love them for who they are.

Well, they’re teams away from home, and they struggled again this week. Visiting squads won three of 11 games on Sunday, including a St. Louis Rams victory that was a few eyelashes and droplets of forearm sweat away from being a crushing loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

But we love them for who they are, because amid the despair of defeat, there exist silver linings and bright spots, both big and small. Now that I’ve captured your heartstrings, here are the best professional football players who suited up and played the game on a field that didn’t feature their team’s markings.

Greatest on the Road …

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals


In accordance with a theme that has prevailed throughout most of his career, Brandon Weeden struggled mightily on Sunday. Dallas was encouraged by Weeden’s acceptable outing in relief of Tony Romo last week, but Cowboys fans didn’t get a full four quarters of Weeden — which is bad Weeden.

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