Aaron Rodgers’ two-minute drill keys Packers’ late win

By Nick Shook | NFL.com
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Did the league send a memo to road teams this week?

After an abysmal performance by visiting squads in Week 5, the group collectively shoved it in the face of doubters (they’re out there somewhere), going 8-4-1 against home teams on Sunday. Big road victories included Dallas’ emphatic win at the home of the 12s in Seattle; New England’s prove-it triumph against division foe Buffalo; and Baltimore’s dominating performance against the lowly Buccaneers.

There were plenty of stars to choose from this week, but alas, we have a limit of three. Here are the very best visitors of Week 6.

Greatest on the Road …

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Before you take up arms and attempt to hunt me down, allow me to clarify: Joe Flacco had a fantastic game (21 of 29, 306 yards, five touchdowns), most of which he accomplished in the first half, but it’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There’s a reason they’re 1-5 and have been carved up by more than one quarterback (see: Thursday Night Football, Week 3).

Meanwhile, in Southern Florida, the Packers found themselves in quite the barn burner. Green Bay had a lead, then lost it, then regained it, then lost it again. But with the Packers trailing by four with 2:04 left to play and Cheeseheads across America wondering, possibly panicking — are we really about to lose to the Dolphins? — it was Rodgers to the rescue.

The Green Bay quarterback engineered a textbook two-minute drill, even pulling a trick out of Dan Marino’s bag (a play called by who, Marc Sessler?) to set up the Packers with one play, do-or-die, with four seconds left.

Rodgers fired a bullet to the waiting arms of Andrew Quarless in the endzone for a game-winning, 4-yard touchdown completion, sending Dolphins fans home unhappy and capping a resilient performance (24 of 42, 264 yards and three touchdowns) on the part of Rodgers.

Great players make great plays. Rodgers epitomized great on Sunday afternoon.

Also considered …

DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

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One thought on “Aaron Rodgers’ two-minute drill keys Packers’ late win

  1. Thank you Nick for sending all of these to us. I like them here all together. I am your biggest fan. We came to Caitlin’s game (cheering) yesterday afternoon and then took family to Louie’s to lend moral support to family….a bittersweet day. Love, Grandma

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