Browns fan creates Facebook event for 2033 parade

By Nick Shook
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The euphoria surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first NBA championship did not arrive without fans first waiting for the punch in the gut. But when that punch never came, renewed optimism flooded the streets of Cleveland.

Apparently, it made its way down to the lakefront, and FirstEnergy Stadium.

Fans of all pro teams now believe their team can win, including those of the Cleveland Browns — just not right now.

Try 2033, according to one Facebook event created for theBrownsSuper Bowl celebration parade.

According to our math (and the Facebook host’s blind faith), the Browns would supposedly end their Super Bowldrought in Super Bowl LXVII, which could be in a hovering stadium for all we know.

It seems that absurd now, but this fan has a fairly large window of 15 years with which to work. Hopefully theBrowns can keep the number of starting quarterbacks in that time frame below 20.

And while 1.3 million people descended upon Cleveland last week for one of the biggest celebration parades in sports history, a Browns parade would be even bigger, and plenty more raucous. More than 3,400Browns fans have claimed prescience comparable to that of Nostradamus, RSVPing and clearing their schedule for the celebration of their Super Bowl LXVII champion Browns on Feb. 19, 2033.

No word on whether fire trucks will be scalable in 2033, though.

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