Mike Wallace fails Baltimore Ravens’ conditioning test

By Nick Shook
Read full post on NFL.com

With the opening of training camp comes the most dreaded moment on each football player’s calendar: the conditioning test.

Chalk up Mike Wallace as the latest to fall prey to the merciless beast. The Ravens wide receiver failed the test Wednesday, the team announced.

Images of Albert Haynesworth repeatedly failing to complete a 300-yard shuttle drill (in 25-yard increments) in under 70 seconds immediately come to mind. But no worries, Ravens fans — it isn’t that serious.

Wallace joined the Ravens in the offseason on a two-year, $11.5 million deal after a forgettable stint in Minnesota. It is peculiar, though, that a receiver known for his top-end speed failed a conditioning test. He’ll get another shot to complete it later this week — which he’s expected to pass, according to the team’s Twitter account — and avoid any kind of repercussions, such as fines, running after practice or public embarrassment.

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