Sanders on Siemian: ‘He can make every single throw’

By Nick Shook
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Emmanuel Sanders is entering a contract season. And he faces the Week 1 reality of lining up alongside a quarterback who has yet to throw a pass in the regular season.

No better time to look at the glass half full.

“To me, it really doesn’t matter, as long as they throw a catchable pass,” Sanders said when asked what type of demeanor he’d like to see in his quarterback, per the Denver Post. “Trevor (Siemian) is both. He throws a very catchable ball. He can put it there and can make all the throws. I like the decision.”

When one thinks of a professional quarterback, throwing a catchable pass seems like it would be a skill they all possess. Then, a look down a list of past starting quarterbacks might shake such a generalization, and lend some credence toward Sanders’ claim. But in case you weren’t convinced, he jumped into the memory bank to slam the point home.

“I remember seeing him last year, when I first started seeing him throw, and he was the guy that I was throwing with prior to games,” Sanders said of Siemian. “I remember telling Demaryius (Thomas): ‘This dude has an arm. He can make every single throw.’ It’s just all about opportunity in this league.”

Being able to make every single throw is what gets players such as rookie Jared Goff drafted first overall. Scouts break down hours of tape to find “every single throw,” and send prospects jettisoning up the board. But Siemian, a Northwestern product, didn’t exactly have the advantage of the spotlight in college. If Sanders is correct, his best days could be ahead.

When it comes to Sanders’ wallet, he’s likely keeping fingers, toes and maybe even his eyes crossed with hope that is the truth. He might as well throw his full belief behind his new starting quarterback. His next free-agent contract depends on it.

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