Mathieu voices frustration with offense, special teams

By Nick Shook
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Dud. Stalemate. Disaster. Describe Sunday night’s Cardinals-Seahawks game however you want.

Tyrann Mathieu will make sure you know that it wasn’t the defense’s fault neither team came away with a win.

It’s a team sport,” Mathieu said following the 6-6 tie, via ESPN. “When the defense is playing well, the offense has to complement us, special teams has to complement everybody, (and) vice versa.”

Arizona’s defense shut down Seattle’s offense for more than three quarters and held the Seahawks below 100 yards until early in the fourth. In most cases, that would create a pretty good outcome for the Cardinals. The problem, though, was their offense wasn’t recipcrocating, putting just six points on the board in 75 minutes of action.

And when Arizona needed its special teams most, kicker Chandler Catanzaro introduced the football to a metal pole painted a fluorescent shade of yellow.

Talk about not complementing the defense.

“It’s upsetting,” Mathieu said. “It’s a team sport. We all got to get held accountable. We got to better on special teams. Offensively, we got to score points and defensively we got to create turnovers.”

That part about creating turnovers was a nice bow to wrap up the gift of critcism by saying “hey, we need to do our part too, even if we already essentially did it.” This isn’t a signal of inner turmoil — just a player frustrated by his teammates playing their tails off and not seeing much in return. The defense’s job is to get the ball back for the offense, and they did just that — the Cardinals held a 46:21 to 28:39 time of possession advantage.

It produced six points, and a tie. No one likes a tie.

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