Seahawks among teams able to clinch in Week 14

By Nick Shook
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It’s the second-most hopeful time of the NFL season — it’s time for playoff scenarios to come together.

Few moments are more enjoyable than when a network broadcast shows a full-screen graphic of the playoff picture, and seven teams are squeezed into the “In the Hunt” category with near-identical records. Parity reigns supreme, and nothing is certain. Will the Texans win the AFC South? What are the chances the Buccaneers end up with a playoff spot? What is time?

Week 14 offers three teams the chance to clinch a playoff berth and/or division title (with Dallas having already locked up a ticket to the postseason): New England, Seattle and Dallas. Time to play make-believe!



CLINCHED: Dallas Cowboys — playoff berth
ELIMINATED: San Francisco

Dallas clinches division title:
1) DAL win
Dallas clinches a first-round bye:
1) DAL win + DET loss or tie
2) DAL win + SEA loss
Dallas clinches homefield advantage throughout NFC playoffs:
1) DAL win + DET loss or tie + SEA loss

Seattle clinches division title:
1) SEA win + ARI loss or tie
2) SEA tie + ARI loss



ELIMINATED: Cleveland, Jacksonville, NY Jets

New England clinches division title:
1) NE win + MIA loss or tie
2) NE tie + MIA loss
New England clinches a first-round bye:
1) NE win + MIA loss or tie + PIT loss or tie

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