Kirk Cousins: We’ll see what happens with deal in July

By Nick Shook
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Kirk Cousins‘ long-term desires with the Redskins have yet to be addressed, and the quarterback said he’s in a “good place” with his current deal. But does that mean the quarterback will get a multi-year contract before the July 15 signing deadline for franchise tagged players?

According to Cousins, we aren’t going to find out the answer to that anytime soon.

“I’ve had very positive conversations with everybody involved throughout the process this offseason,” Cousins explained. “I feel like everybody is on the same page and I really have nothing further to add from what’s already been said. I feel good about where I’m at, where this team is at, where my teammates are at so now it’s a matter of trying to move forward and we’ll see what happens come July 15. It will be a telling date as it was last summer.”

The sun is bright, water is wet and deadlines get deals done. Players don’t appreciate being franchise tagged for multiple seasons, instead craving the safety of a long-term deal. What’s interesting about Cousins’ situation this time around, though, is that he’s becoming well-versed in riding out the franchise tag with hopes for something more secure. The quarterback is almost settling into living on the edge, relatively speaking.

“I talk about as a quarterback getting experience and getting reps, when it comes to the contract I’m getting reps now,” Cousins said. “I’m getting used to answering questions and going through this now the second time through so I’m not a rookie anymore when it comes to this stuff.”

Another intriguing aspect of the discussions is the current state of the Redskins‘ front office, which is still in flux more than two months after the firing of general manager Scot McCloughan. Team president Bruce Allen has danced around answering whether he’ll hire an actual GM, but he’s remained rather firm in saying the team is committed to signing Cousins long term.

What we might have here is a case of avoiding putting the cart before the horse. Washington first will figure out its front-office structure, then attempt to lock up its quarterback. After all, it has the time to take in sorting things out.

Cousins’ consolation is pretty nice, too: nearly $44 million for playing two seasons under the franchise tag. Not too shabby for a guy who was once drafted three rounds after the supposed savior of the organization.

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