Eli Manning on Ben McAdoo: ‘He’s got faith in me’

By Nick Shook
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It might seem as though everything is quickly taking a turn for the worst within the Giants‘ organization, but Eli Manning seems quite skilled at tuning out the madness.

A day after Giants coach Ben McAdoo said he wasn’t opposed to throwing backup Davis Webb into the game “to get a look at him,” Manning took the high — or publicly unaware — road.

“Didn’t hear it,” Manning said of McAdoo’s comment. “My goal is to prepare every week and do my job.

“He said he’s got faith in me and keep grinding. So, that’s what we’re doing.”

Yes, the Giants‘ season has been a disaster, but this is peculiar, considering Manning’s career resume. We’re not talking about Jeff Garcia in Cleveland here.

Still, though, Manning is 36 years old. Two Super Bowl rings or not, eventually he’ll have to be replaced. In an otherwise lost season, it makes sense to consider the backup, selected by the Giants in the third round of the 2017 draft out of Cal. Might as well get a look at the new guy when the postseason is no longer in play.

Even while knowing this, Webb is also keeping his rookie earmuffs on.

“Nothing (changes with the speculation),” Webb said, via NJ.com. “My job is to be the best teammate that I can be, and to me, that’s helping Eli, that’s helping our receivers and our offense get touchdowns on the board and help our team win. That’s my role on the team right now.”

With signs pointing toward his eventual debut and potential usurping of a franchise legend, Webb maintained he’s an understudy who’s just happy to be here. Wise move, rook. At this rate, that might not last for much longer — no matter how many times McAdoo professes his faith in Manning.

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