Von Miller on how to beat Patriots: ‘Sack Tom Brady’

By Nick Shook
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Von Miller‘s Broncos once defeated Tom Brady in an important postseason contest.

On the doorstep of another Super Bowl berth, Brady’s Patriots were cut down by Miller, DeMarcus Ware and the rest of a swarming Broncos defense that ended up harassing its way to a Lombardi Trophy. Denver sacked Brady four times and hit him many more (17), wreaking so much havoc, Brady was essentially seeing ghosts by the second half, anticipating rushers who weren’t even there.

Miller probably has a pretty good idea of how to stop Brady. How should the Eagles attempt to do it, Von?

Sack Tom Brady,” Miller wrote in The Players’ Tribune on Friday. “That’s it. End of article. We good here?”

Gee, if it were that simple, everybody would do it.

“Nah, nah … there’s more to it than that, of course,” Miller continues in his piece. “But let’s start there because when you play the Patriots, getting to Tom Brady is where everything starts.”

Miller goes on to talk about how an effective rush must bring pressure from both sides, and how he was at his best when Ware was lined up opposite him. He also says an opponent must be able to pressure Brady with only four rushers, with a strong rush in the middle and a collapsing rush off the edges, or else. Denver did that to near-perfection in that January 2016 victory, but Jacksonville failed to match it in this season’s AFC Championship Game.

Oh, and he says Brady is well-versed in syncretic, religious football folkways. Perhaps it’s no coincidence his first Super Bowl triumph came in New Orleans.

“But his overall game is just so much greater than the sum of its parts. And Tom Brady just wins,” Miller write. “He knows voodoo.

“The Eagles are gonna have to have a hell of a game to pull out a win. But I think they have all the right pieces.”

Will Philadelphia pull off the upset? We’ll have to wait to see. But keep the dolls and pins away from Brady, just to be safe.

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