Irvin: Dez Bryant was fighting people trying to aid him

By Nick Shook
Around The NFL writer
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Dez Bryant hasn’t been the player he was when he signed a lucrative contract with the Dallas Cowboysin 2015. As a result, he’s no longer a Cowboy.

One of the greatest Cowboys to ever play the position shed some light on it during an appearance on NFL Up To The Minute on Monday, referrring to Bryant’s comments about how he felt some people inside the locker room wanted him gone.

“Honestly, Dez is a fighter and what happens is when he gets in these situations he does what he knows how to do. He fights,” Michael Irvin said Monday. “And if you’re not careful with how you speak to him and how you speak with him, he ends up fighting everybody and anybody and even fighting some of the people that are trying to help him. And I think that was the situation in Dallas.

“It got a little bad off the football field, then fighting to get back where he balls, where he wants to be and where he belongs and I think he was fighting even the people that were trying to help him.”

Bryant has long been known as a passionate and outspoken player, a competitor who lets his desire to win be known. We’re not out to drag an outcast under the guise of trying to uncover why a team released him, but according to Irvin, that seemed to bubble over into producing negative results recently. Combined with a large salary-cap number for a player who wasn’t producing 1,200-yard, 10-touchdown seasons anymore, Dallas decided to cut him loose.

“To some degree, I guess that’s how you can put it,” Irvin said when asked if Dallas simply grew tired of Bryant’s fighting. “They just said at this point we’ll just move on because the fighting is not directed in the right places.”

This will undoubtedly be considered by any team that weighs adding Bryant, but this was somewhat known for a while. Hearing it from a Hall of Famer who’s close to Bryant just makes it more real.

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