EP 11 – Our football teams finally won a game! (And we were there!)

Sean Barie and Nick Shook (from a fishbowl, again, thanks to technical difficulties) recap Week 3 of the NFL season, including the Browns’ merciful end to their losing streak, the Steelers’ first win of the season (on Monday Night Football) and each of our in-stadium experiences of those games. The two also talk about the nonsensical roughing the passer penalties and the ascension of Baker Mayfield. NEW SEGMENT ALERT: Sean’s colleague McDev makes his debut with McDev’s Deals, our weekly look at the best sports betting picks. The two also gloss over college football, recap Tiger Woods’ first win in forever, Sean’s date interrupts the podcast momentarily and Nick attempts to come to grips with LeBron James, Los Angeles Laker. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

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