Nick Shook on fantasy football: So I was wrong, mostly, about Peyton Manning, it’s on to Week 2

By Nick Shook
Beacon Journal copy editor
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I told you to play Peyton Manning in Week 1. I was wrong.

Manning showed the same glaring issues that were present in his late-season decline in 2014. He couldn’t throw a deep pass effectively, and the Baltimore Ravens took away the short side of the field, forcing Manning to complete short passes to the long side of the field in what’s Marc Sessler called “a blueprint for other teams to follow.” Continue reading

British tabloid gives Super Bowl win to wrong team

By Nick Shook |
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Get out the goals and check the tables, because New England just won a pretty important fixture.

British tabloid The Daily Mail used a long web headline to let its readers know of New England’s latest triumph, a win over the Seattle Seahawks, celebrated by Tom Brady with his famous wife.

But the publication named the other inhabitant of Gillette Stadium — the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer — as the victorious organization. Continue reading

Julian Edelman on critics: ‘They can kiss’ Lombardi Trophy

By Nick Shook |
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Julian Edelman took a trip to Disneyland on Monday, and while he was on his way there, he let his thoughts on the opinions of others be known.

It’s a bunch of noise out there,” Edelman said while on Middays with MFB on WEEI-FM. “… Everyone can keep on talking, but we’re going to be raising that trophy up in front of all those people in New England and it’s going to be a great time and they can kiss that.” Continue reading

Darrelle Revis on Seahawks’ final call: I was shocked

By Nick Shook |
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It was a decision that, more than 12 hours later, is still being questioned. It’s likely just the beginning of the in-depth examination of what went wrong with the Seahawks a mere 3 feet from essentially securing their second Lombardi Trophy in as many seasons.

Pete Carroll has taken the blame for it and attempted to explain the thought process behind it.

And in the immediate aftermath of the game, even the victors found the call to be perplexing. Continue reading

Pete Carroll on interception: ‘That’s my fault, totally’

By Nick Shook |
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Seated on the doorstep of regaining the lead and potentially winning their second title in as many seasons, the Seattle Seahawks made a peculiar decision.

It resulted in an interception on the part of New England’s Malcolm Butler, decimating Seattle’s chances of winning Super Bowl XLIX and sending the Patriots to their first title since the 2004 season. Continue reading

Bill Belichick: Pete Carroll made me a better coach

By Nick Shook |
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Bill Belichick has long been known as a man of few words.

That alone made Tuesday’s Media Day performance a rarity. The coach who commonly mumbles and grumbles his way through weekly news conferences donned a hint of a smile while approaching his podium inside US Airways Center in Phoenix, serving as a hint that he would be a bit more expansive on a wide array of subjects, including his favorite type of stuffed animal.

But when asked about Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, the Super Bowl-winning czar of the Patriots was effusive in his comments on his relationship with his counterpart in Super Bowl XLIX. Continue reading