Julian Edelman on critics: ‘They can kiss’ Lombardi Trophy

By Nick Shook | NFL.com
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Julian Edelman took a trip to Disneyland on Monday, and while he was on his way there, he let his thoughts on the opinions of others be known.

It’s a bunch of noise out there,” Edelman said while on Middays with MFB on WEEI-FM. “… Everyone can keep on talking, but we’re going to be raising that trophy up in front of all those people in New England and it’s going to be a great time and they can kiss that.”

The wide receiver, who hauled in nine passes for 109 yards, including the game-winning touchdown grab late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX, took offense to the many critics who had thePatriots in their crosshairs early in the 2014 season.

A fired-up Edelman took a stand for the residents of Boston when describing how the Patriotsovercame adversity and criticism, and then went after Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Trent Dilfer and Steve Young.

“Steve Young?” Edelman said. “He’s just mad because he ain’t Joe Montana. I love Steve Young to death, but he’s the biggest hypocrite of all. He just keeps on capping on us, always. I was a huge Niners fan growing up. I love Joe Montana to death. That was my childhood hero. Steve Young is just mad because he couldn’t get more than one.”

That same sense of passion and aggression could be seen in Edelman’s play on Sunday, extending plays with shifty moves and throwing his body around in a performance that rivaled that of quarterback Tom Brady in deciding who would claim Super Bowl MVP. Edelman’s final catch earned him his first Super Bowl ring and a platform to let his disdain for others be heard.

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