Chris Harris: Von Miller only plays if new deal gets done

By Nick Shook
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As the stalemate drags on and sides trade contract offers and push agendas, the passage of time does not slow down.

That leads one Denver Bronco to believe that the saga surrounding Von Miller‘s contract will soon be over.

“I expect Von to be signed Thursday night, Friday morning at the latest,” teammate and defensive back Chris Harris Jr. said on Tuesday on NFL Network’s Total Access. “I think everybody in the Broncos‘ organization knows how crucial he is to our defense and the type of player that he is, even the person that he’s become. He had some obstacles he had to overcome early in his career but I think he’s overcame those and I think he’s ready to lead now.”

The issue comes down to money — even if Miller says it’s not about the money — because the disagreements involving a long-term solution revolve around when non-guaranteed money becomes fully guaranteed. NFL Media’s Mike Garafolo reported Friday that the Broncos moved up the date when some of the money becomes guaranteed, but it still wasn’t good enough for Miller, who rejected Denver’s latest proposal.

But Miller’s emphatic “no” response doesn’t stop time, and with Friday’s deadline fast approaching, it’s time to get down to business, or else face the reality of Miller sitting out the season and giving up his 2016 franchise tag-determined salary of $14.129 million.

Harris is more than aware of Miller’s value to the franchise, but he also knows his fellow defender is serious about his disdain for the franchise tag. It’s the principle that matters to Miller, and it’s the principle that threatens to keep him off the field and his pockets $14.129 million lighter.

Harris doesn’t think his teammate is bluffing, either.

“I believe him,” Harris said. “You’ve got to take his word for it. It would be hard for me to sit out, missing out on $14 million, but I think Von is serious in what he’s saying. I think he truly, this whole time just talking to him, he hates the franchise tag. I definitely think he won’t sign it.”

Harris is prepared for either of the two, but is hoping the deal gets done. The Broncos likely feel the same way.

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