Lightning strikes home of Carolina Panthers

By Nick Shook
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They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

We can consider that to be reasonable. We can. They didn’t say anything about striking in 50-plus different places within the same two, 10-yard-deep painted rectangles inside Bank of America Stadium, though.

Ask a Panthers fan and he or she will likely agree with that sentiment, that lightning struck inside their home stadium plenty of times during the 2015 season. Some visiting teams who left on the losing end might agree, too. But no one said anything about the offseason.

The end zones likely aren’t even painted inside the stadium at the moment, but based on that image, it looks like it struck right around where Luke Kuechly returned a pick-six, or Ted Ginn Jr. finished off a 22-yard end around touchdown run in the NFC Championship Game.

Is this a sign of good luck? Perhaps an indicator that the supernatural exists within the walls at 800 S. Mint St. in Charlotte? Will the panther statues come to life and roam the streets, fighting the forces of evil, a la Gargoyles?

Could Thor be the one leading the Panthers out of the tunnel in 2016, slamming their “Keep Pounding” drum with his all-powerful hammer? That would be an upgrade over Steph Curry. We’ll have to wait and see (except that last one — Chris Hemsworth likely has other commitments to fulfill).

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